Melissa Chiodo

Melissa is an aspiring digital marketing specialist and photographer. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art with a Photography Emphasis and a Psychology Minor from Augustana College in Rock Island, IL. She has taken classes in creative writing and journalism, is an avid reader, and received top scores on her AP English Literature & Composition tests in high school.

Excerpt of Don Ianelli

"The matte gray sky and the worn faces of angels stood witness to the dark procession trudging solemnly through the pouring rain. Like a chain gang being led to their prison cells, heads down, feet shuffling in unison, each gripping an umbrella save for a distinct group of men at the front, the members of the procession were silent in their death parade. Floating along heavily on the shoulders of the men leading the group lay a gleaming black casket, silver handles clanking rhythmically against its side as they marched on through the cold pelting raindrops. A heavy burden to bear. Support and strength they would receive no thanks, no gratitude for. But they marched on down the path twisting and turning, weaving through headstones and mausoleums."

CroisiEurope Sample Article

"While it is best practice when traveling to try as many different things as you can, I couldn’t help falling into a little bit of a ritual over the past couple days here in Kyoto, Japan. I wake up early, stretching out my stiff back (I haven’t quite gotten used to sleeping on the thin futon that gets rolled out onto the tatami mat floor at night and rolled back up during the day), put on the yukata—think bathrobe, but thinner and prettier—and slippers provided by the inn, and head down to the onsen for a hot bath."

Planetarium Article

"Where he could once be seen working side by side with an older gentlemen whom everyone knew and admired, nowadays Dr. Lee Carkner is often seen guiding his 7-year old son Grant around the John Deere Planetarium, showing him how to work the controls to dim the lights or position the constellations, just as Dr. Mel Peterson once showed Dr. Carkner himself how to do. After 12 years of presenting the enchanting “Season of Light” holiday show at the planetarium with his colleague and friend, the late Dr. Peterson, this year marks the first time that Dr. Carkner will be presenting the show, which entails resetting the entire planetarium all the way back to the year 2 BC, on his own."

CSL Article

"It’s no secret that there has been a lot of controversy concerning Augustana’s big plans to build a new Center for Student Life on the east end of our beloved Thomas Tredway Library. That controversy has finally been put to rest because those plans to add on 35,000 square feet and renovate 39,000 square feet, and the financing for them, have finally been approved by the college’s Board of Trustees. The cost for the construction and renovation in the library, along with the cost for the college’s next project of completely renovating the interior of Old Main, is estimated around $35 million. The only question that remains… How is the college paying for all of this?"